What to expect at one of our sessions.

What to expect at a Plymouth Sling Library session.

In case it’s your first time to a sling library – or even the first time you’ve ever even heard of a sling library! Here’s a brief piece about what to expect when you come to one of the sessions.

The sling library is the place to come if you’re interested in using slings or baby carriers. You could be expecting a baby, have a newborn or even have a toddler. You could have used slings and carriers before but want to try something different or need to try a different size, we’re for you. It’s an opportunity to have a hands on look at a wide range of slings and carriers and get expert advice for free. You can come just for some information, to hire one of ours, or bring your own.

When you arrive, one of our volunteers will meet you at the door, we’ll sign you in to the session asking some questions about the age of your child, if you know the kind of thing you’re after and if you’ve been before. We now have 2-3 peer supporters and one babywearing consultant at each session, therefore we can see around 20 families in those two hours. If you arrive part way through there may be a chance all the spaces will be gone and we may not be able to see you. We now have two sessions, on alternating Wednesdays and Fridays. The Wednesday session being 1230-1430 and the Friday’s being 0930-1130.

When it’s your turn we’ll be able to take you and your ‘little’ through what you’re after and show you what will suit your needs. Safety is very important, we’ll show you how to carry safely and 9 times out of 10 we’ll ask you to have a go yourself. It’s important not to feel rushed if you need us to show you something again, just ask!

If we find something that suits and you’d like to hire it, you can! It costs just £5 to hire a carrier for a fortnight and we must take a deposit, preferably in cheque form. This is the ‘like for like’ cost of the carrier you are hiring (will range from £40 to £130) you get this cheque back, when we get the carrier back in the condition it was hired at the next session.

When we’re done we’ll send you back to the desk to complete a hire form and check you’re good to go!

We do have terms and conditions that need to be adhered to – these are available at the session and on this website. In the terms and conditions there are details about late fees, our theft policy and what you can and can’t do with the carrier whilst you have it.

You’re not left on your own, you are given one of our numbers and encouraged to get in touch if you are having any issues. You tube is a great resource as well, so if you get home and have forgotten everything, check the instruction manual or have a quick look online!

If you know what carrier you’d like but cannot make a library session and will not require any demonstration we offer an “out of session” hire, where you can collect the carrier from one of the volunteers at a pre-arranged time. We reserve the right to refuse this service if we feel safety of your child would be compromised. This costs £10 including the 2 weeks hire and a deposit.

Jessie is also now offering a range of one to one consultations through Carried Away, a number of packages are available and held at your home address. Head over to http://www.carriedawaybabywearing.co.uk for more information.

We are able to reserve specific carriers ahead of the sessions, if you want something specific for a trip or you want to guarantee you can try a certain brand just message us here or through the Facebook page and we will arrange the reservation. To reserve a carrier costs 50p extra (£5.50 hire fee) but the hire fee is taken at the time of reservation via our PayPal account (via goods and services).

Hopefully everything has been covered here! The sessions are a great way to meet other parent’s, we have a range of people each session, some first timer’s and some that come again and again. As always feel free to get in touch with us with any questions.

Happy Babywearing

Why carry your baby?

You may be wondering how you ended up here – or why such a thing as a Sling Library exists…

If you’re soon to become a parent or are going on to have more children, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of information and ‘stuff’ thrown at you as you start this journey.

We’ve all been there – and at the sling library we want to help you, carry your baby, for whatever reason you need to (or want to!)

Living where we live we see lots of parents who hadn’t realised just how hard it is to take a pram on the beach, or want to go dog walking on the moors but have found it near impossible to go off roading. Those practical reasons may be your only concern, and that’s fine.

But there are also many emotional, developmental and psychological reasons to carry your baby. Fortunately a lot of these reasons are now becoming evidence based with more research being conducted as the importance of healthy attachment is realised.

In our experience, not only carrying our own children, but seeing you carry yours – we know the soothing touch of a parent to a newborn or toddler, that them being able to smell you, hear your heart beat and be gently rocked as you move, is reminiscent of them being carried in the womb and helps them transition through the “fourth trimester” as they adjust to their new life.

We’ve seen mums and dads bound around the room elated at being “hands free”, overwhelmed by rushes of love (thanks oxytocin) and know that long term, keeping our babies close helps parents deal with post natal depression and benefits breastfeeding and milk production.

We’ve seen parents relieved at knowing when the colicky witching hour(s) start that they don’t have to choose between putting their screaming, unformfortable baby down or not eating that day.

We’ve helped parents who’s babies may have additional needs or that have additional needs themselves, bilateral talipes, disabilities, prematurity – all of which respond greatly to being carried.

Whether you choose to carry your baby or toddler for one week, or one year, the bonds you’re building will lay the foundation for a happy, healthy, secure attachment – and that’s why we do it, becuase there will never be too much love in the world.