Why carry your baby?

You may be wondering how you ended up here – or why such a thing as a Sling Library exists…

If you’re soon to become a parent or are going on to have more children, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of information and ‘stuff’ thrown at you as you start this journey.

We’ve all been there – and at the sling library we want to help you, carry your baby, for whatever reason you need to (or want to!)

Living where we live we see lots of parents who hadn’t realised just how hard it is to take a pram on the beach, or want to go dog walking on the moors but have found it near impossible to go off roading. Those practical reasons may be your only concern, and that’s fine.

But there are also many emotional, developmental and psychological reasons to carry your baby. Fortunately a lot of these reasons are now becoming evidence based with more research being conducted as the importance of healthy attachment is realised.

In our experience, not only carrying our own children, but seeing you carry yours – we know the soothing touch of a parent to a newborn or toddler, that them being able to smell you, hear your heart beat and be gently rocked as you move, is reminiscent of them being carried in the womb and helps them transition through the “fourth trimester” as they adjust to their new life.

We’ve seen mums and dads bound around the room elated at being “hands free”, overwhelmed by rushes of love (thanks oxytocin) and know that long term, keeping our babies close helps parents deal with post natal depression and benefits breastfeeding and milk production.

We’ve seen parents relieved at knowing when the colicky witching hour(s) start that they don’t have to choose between putting their screaming, unformfortable baby down or not eating that day.

We’ve helped parents who’s babies may have additional needs or that have additional needs themselves, bilateral talipes, disabilities, prematurity – all of which respond greatly to being carried.

Whether you choose to carry your baby or toddler for one week, or one year, the bonds you’re building will lay the foundation for a happy, healthy, secure attachment – and that’s why we do it, becuase there will never be too much love in the world.


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