Who We Are

Jessie Blackler


Qualified Babywearing Consultant and Peer Supporter – School Of Babywearing, Slingababy & Born To Carry.

Hi, I’m Jessie, one of Plymouth Sling Library CIC’s directors. I first looked into using a baby carrier when my first daughter Ella was born 5 years ago, I tried all sorts of carriers from narrow based ones available on the high street, to framed back packs and a Close Caboo, but it was never quite right. When Ella was 8 months old I purchased a stretchy wrap and never looked back! I started attending our local sling meet and then the newly formed library before starting to help out myself. I now co-run the Sling Library and have trained as a babywearing consultant allowing me to offer in depth knowledge and advice about a wide range of carriers and slings, as well as carrying a wide range of babies and children, even those with additional needs. I also started sling business Carried Away in 2015 where I offer a range of carriers for sale as well as one to one consultations. I now have a nearly one year old, Alice, who has loved being carried since day 1! I cherish all the cuddles and naps whilst being able to still play with Ella and get day to day life done.


Claire Thomas


Qualified Babywearing Peer Supporter and Trainee Consultant  – School Of Babywearing

Hi, I am Claire, one of Plymouth Sling Library CIC’s directors. I have two boys Maddox and Jasper who are four and two. I started baby wearing with my eldest and had a high-street carrier however quickly found it uncomfortable and discovered the sling library where I fell in love with stretchy wraps which quickly led me down the path of ‘buy all the slings!’ My ultimate favourite carrier is a two-way stretchy for a new born, for me it just feels like perfection. Favourite buckle carrier is a Manduca, super comfy and super versatile. I am also trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter so always on hand during sessions if anyone needs me. My passion for baby wearing stems from my own personal experiences, it has helped me cope with post-natal depression, juggling a new-born a toddler and a dog and also introduced me to the fabulous baby wearing community in Plymouth and friends for life.

Roxanne (Roxi) Thorne

Qualified Babywearing Peer Supporter – School Of Babywearing

Hi, I am Roxi. I first started babywearing when my eldest daughter Elsa was around 2 months old, I started off using a basic high street buckled carrier which I quickly found made my back ache after only 20 minutes! I thankfully found out about the sling library when she was 3 months old so went along not knowing what to expect but very excited! The ladies helped me out and I loaned a Rose and Rebellion buckled carrier, just walking around the sling library I couldn’t believe a carrier could be so comfy. I promptly nagged my husband and we bought one of our own, then I saw ring slings……and borrowed one of those…then I saw wovens…..and borrowed one of those! It was all downhill from there, Jessie couldn’t get rid of me so offered for me to volunteer at the sling library which I love, not only because after I had my second daughter I could babywear her from day one by borrowing one of our stretchy wraps but also because it has shown me that babywearing isn’t just about carrying your child, it’s about the love and connection that you create with them, it’s about helping dad to bond too, and it’s about helping your baby get used to the big scary world in the gentlest possible way, this is why I love babywearing!


Lizzie Spear

Qualified Baby Wearing Peer Supporter – Born To Carry

Hi, I’m Lizzie, I am a mummy to two boys, Finley and Zachary. I am also a registered childminder and have been using a range of slings and carriers since my eldest was about 6months old (He’s now 7) and almost exclusively wore my youngest since birth purely as he wouldn’t be put down!! I can honestly say babywearing has made my life as a mum, and a childminder, so much easier both physically and emotionally. With Finley I was given a high-street carrier when he was small, totally couldn’t get on with it so used a stretchy wrap which was much better, I then moved to a Lenny Lamb Mei Tai when he was about 12mths. Once he reached about 2 I stopped wearing. At this point I discovered the sling library, which at the time was only small and just starting out. I regularly went along even just to meet up with other mum’s and have a chat. After a while I just started helping at the sessions and then officially came on board. When Zach was born I immediately started with a stretchy wrap and then a Hop-Tye Wrap Tai (my all-time favourite alternative to a stretchy for a new born) and then continued from there to toddler carriers.

I also use a variety of slings daily in my job, having 3 children under 3 and a school run to do means I pretty much always have a child attached to me somehow! I am a lover of all things slingy and have used a variety of slings throughout my journey and I love being able to help people find their perfect carrier, whether it be wraps, buckles, mei tais or ring slings. I am a trained babywearing peer supporter and you will regularly see my face (and Zachs) at the library, I look forward to helping you in your journey.


Steph Hudson

Qualified Baby Wearing Peer Supporter – Born to Carry.

Ask me to imagine a life without baby slings and I would cry at the thought. Wearing both of my children in slings has helped me to easily meet their growing needs, whilst going about life. Comfort, bonding, skin-to-skin closeness, that sweet new born baby smell … it’s all there right next to my heart, carried safely. When my daughter was born she did not want to be put down, that was her number one rule! So a sling soon became my new best friend. I used a BabyBjorn unknowing of ergonomic slings, we loved it! Trips to the supermarket were easier, moving through the hustle and bustle of life was easily done with her close to me at all times. My son arrived four years later and during my pregnancy I had researched all of the different types of slings (there are a few!) and decided to buy a stretchy wrap. It was like a magical piece of never ending fabric that once I mastered created a safe place for my son (who also didn’t like to be put down!) right next to the only comfort he knew. I soon moved on to try other types of slings and found a love for both woven wraps and buckled carriers. I spent hours watching YouTube tutorials and sought out my local sling library, which wasn’t very local, but very helpful! I then decided that I would open up a sling library in my local area. With a friend we started running sling meets and I quickly booked myself onto a course to train as a baby wearing peer supporter. The course provided me with a great amount of knowledge and opportunities to practice troubleshooting with different types of slings. Training completed, we registered ourselves as a Sling Library and began helping mothers, fathers, even grandparents to discover the joys of baby wearing. I’ve since moved back to Plymouth after 3 years in Congleton and quickly sought out the library where I was welcomed to volunteer. Baby wearing has, and continues to be a very special experience for me. I take so much pleasure from seeing someone discover the joy and simplicity for the very first time, and hope to continue to help people learn about baby wearing for many years to come! Peace and love from a baby wearing Mamma! Wear all the babies!!


You will also meet Kim and Abbey who volunteer to help with the running of sessions and are usually sat at the tables wecoming you in and completing hire forms.


A big ‘hello’ from all of us.