When you come to the Sling Library you will be shown how to safely carry your baby, if you have your own carrier or are hiring one, we’ll ask you to use it yourself and make sure you know what to do to make sure your baby or toddler is safe. We will explain why each check is needed and why each is important. If you are also interested in breastfeeding a sling, we can show you how to do this in a safe and controlled way.

– Compressed Airway
– Fall Risk
– Overheating/Becoming too cold
– Suitable Carriers (and how to spot and avoid fakes)

Those risks apply no matter which carrier you choose, there is no carrier that is safer than another, only what you feel comfortable and confident in using. We will talk through all of these during our time with you and welcome you to contact us if you have any concerns.

The risks are easily avoided – there are numerous infographics (below) that show us how to make sure all is well.

The most widely known is T.I.C.K.S as a starting point this is an excellent set of guidelines for ensuring risks are minimised. Produced by the Consortium of Sling Manufacturers and Retailers.